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Your Bathroom

A great bathroom serves many purposes. From the rushed morning routine, to the evening’s relaxation, a bathroom must be suited to all manner of activities. Updating your bathroom blinds can make your daily routine infinitely more enjoyable. 

Bathroom windows are usually small in size but provide an opportunity to add colour and character to the room. Our range includes specialist options designed specifically with this room in mind.

Bathroom blinds and shutters also need to be water resistant. Our bathroom selection are water, moisture and damp repellent and are suitable for any ‘wet’ room.


We have listed just some of the most popular types available.

For the bathroom shutters are ideal. We supply purpose built shutters for wet areas such as bathrooms, shower rooms and ensuites that are subjected to water, moisture and steam. These shutters are incredibly strong and hardwearing too.

The simple Roller blind is a great choice for the bathroom. They offer added privacy as well as allowing you to use the windowsill for toiletries.

A classic design with lots of features, Venetian blinds are a popular blind choice for the bathroom. Venetians are very easy to keep clean too. With a choice of more than 100 colours as well as a variety of finishes including gloss, matt and soft sheen, they are a brilliant way of introducing a splash of colour to a simple white bathroom.

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